Sebastian Scholz

Managing Director SCHOLZ & NEUMEIER GmbH

Kitchen Technology Division 

Born in 1982, he grew up in one of the oldest inns in Germany, in Bad Reichenhall. From an early age, he worked in his father's and grandfather's business, and after completing hotel management school, he also cooked for a time in establishments with award-winning cuisine. With his practical knowledge, he trained as a kitchen planner with one of Austria's market-leading kitchen builders and looked after the German market for the company. In various projects, he works together with the designer Martin Neumeier. In 2019, the two finally founded SCHOLZ & NEUMEIER GmbH, which in the meantime has numerous references in kitchen planning and furnishing, from simple guesthouses to star-rated kitchens.

Martin Neumeier

Managing Director NEUMEIER GmbH & Co. KG

 Interior Division

                                                                                       Born 1973,  which happens to be the year the company Neumeier was founded. Since then tight relationship with the business of his parents, where he took over various tasks from an early age. While studying business administration (Munich) and marketing management (Utrecht), he founded the first company of his own in the early 90s. He is co-founder of Sarah Kern Mode GmbH, where he worked as Managing Director for a few years. In 2005, he joined his father's company, which he now continues to run as NEUMEIER  GmbH  &  Co.  KG .

Bernhard Klier

Managing Director KLIER & NEUMEIER GmbH

 Hotel and Catering Industry Divison 

Born in 1966, he grew up in the Baumann Inn in Otterfing near Munich. As his older brother Ludwig took over the inn from his father, it was clear to him even as a young schoolboy that he would one day take up the Spaten brewery boss's offer of an apprenticeship there. No sooner said than done, he remained loyal to the brewery for 40 years, from apprentice to managing director of Spaten-Franziskaner Bräu GmbH and board member of Löwenbräu AG. During this time, he developed a whole series of new gastronomy concepts for the group and managed numerous extensions and conversions. Today, he successfully brings these many years of experience and his enormous knowledge of the industry to the NEUMEIER group of companies as a consultant for gastronomy and the hotel industry.